Thursday, April 19, 2018
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eTraker Web Portal

Welcome to the eTraker Web Portal Demonstration Site
This site is for demonstration purposes only.

The eTraker Web Portal allows your users to view the status of their inventory in your warehouse.  Giving your customers the visibility they need to work with you efficiently.  Optionally, your customers can place orders for inventory in the form of outbound shipments.  This ability eliminates the need for fax or email orders that must be keyed in manually by your employees, giving you greater efficiency and accuracy in filling orders needed by your customers.

Current eTraker customers will notice greater flexibility in that you may now customize your screens to fit your needs.  In addition, export capabilities are now available.  Your users can now export data to a comma delimited file (CSV), an Excel spreadsheet (XLS), or an Adobe Acrobat PDF document.

Feel free to look around at each of the modules and test out some of the features provided.  The data is static, so any orders you may attempt will not be processed, so feel free to do as many as you like.

















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